Global Intertidal Change

A project designed to monitor change of Earth's intertidal ecosystems.

Global Intertidal Change is a long-running collaborative project to develop high-resolution maps of Earth's intertidal environments and their recent change. Our overarching aim is to develop free, high-quality spatial data products that support the conservation and management of the world's rapidly changing coastal ecosystems. For more information contact Dr Nicholas Murray or visit the Global Ecology Lab website.

Data Products

Tidal wetland probability

Global maps of the probability of occurrence of tidal wetlands for 1999 and 2019 (defined as either saltmarsh, mangrove, or tidal flats). Global extent at 30-m resolution.

Tidal wetland change

Simultaneous detection of change in mangrove, tidal flat and saltmarsh ecosystems. Change product depicting loss and gain of tidal wetlands over the period 1999-2019. Global extent at 30-m resolution.

Intertidal training data

An open-access global training set of coastal ecosystems to support global analyses of distribution and change of the global coastal zone.